A New Look for Tibidabo Photography

To commemorate the happy occasion of launching our new website, blog and logo, we sat down with our good friend Dominic Egan. We put the kettle on and talked a little about what we do and what it means to have a photography business. Dom [dominicegan.com] is a wonderful photographer in his own right. He also has worked with us on many occasions and led us through these questions.

Good Morning Bob and Becky Stender of Tibidabo Photography!

What’s your greatest fear?

BOB: Being short

What’s the trait you most deplore in yourself?

BOB: Public belching.

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OK, here we go.

BECKY: Before we get started, can I just say to whomever is reading this that it’s OK if you can’t pronounce our name. Phonetically, it sounds like this: TIB-E-DAH-BO. With a long E and O. It’s Latin. We speak English, not Latin, so it’s OK! It comes from the name of a mountain in Spain outside of Barcelona. The literal translation is “to you I give”.

How did you get started in photography?

BECKY: I loved photography growing up, but never had the chance to pursue it. When I married Bob the opportunity came up so I jumped on it. That was 10 years ago.
Bob: I started in 8th grade Science class. My 2 best friends and I did a photography project together. I haven’t stopped taking pictures since.blog interview 8

You’ve been pretty successful, what do you attribute that to?

BECKY: Well, thanks! We never think as if we’ve achieved our professional goals so we keep at it like we there’s no time to waste. Bob has been around for a long time and it helps that he is well-connected! (laughs)
BOB: I think it’s the combination of quality of the images and steadfast marketing. Team effort!

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How would you describe your style?

BOB: It’s about telling the story and capturing emotion.
Genuine emotions are being documented throughout the day. We’re trying to tell their story and capture those real moments.
BECKY: I would describe our style as authentic and fun. Tibidabo Photography is a combination of traditional photography with an emphasis on photojournalism and a love of art and beauty. Another aspect to our approach is the physical side of our work. It keeps us fit; we call ourselves “visual athletes”.

What’s the most important thing for continued success?

BOB: I think’s it’s continuing to grow as photographers. We feel like there are areas where we can still learn and get better at our craft of wedding photography and portraiture.
BECKY: And I would add to that by saying staying in touch with the wine country wedding industry is important and also; to keep open to change and what is current.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

BOB: In essence, the customer is who we work for. The customer comes first!
BECKY: To have integrity and never rest on your laurels.

What is most important in your photography?

BOB: Light…
BECKY: A card in my camera..
BOB: Well the emotional content, that’s what we’re there to do, to capture the emotion.
BECKY: I agree!blog interview 4

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